About Me

7:21 AM

Hi everyone !

My name is Keiko Tamara Naiborhu, you can call me Keiko. I was born in Bandung on 10th August 2001. I'm one of the X MIPA 10 students at 3 Senior High School Bandung. I was SMPK 1 BPK PENABUR Bandung's student before. I have graduated from my junior high school in June 2016.

I live at Sariwangi with my family. My father is a lecturer at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). He teaches Mathematics. My mother is a housewife. She cooks and do chores at home everyday. I have two brothers, their name are Kesar and Kevin. Both of them are college students. One of them is a student at Maranatha, and the other is a student at ITB. Both of them usually help me whenever i need help. I love my family so much!

In my spare time, i usually listen to the music. When i am listening to the music, i feel like i can escape from my real life for a while. Music also can be my moodbooster! I also like to read a novel. I can laugh, cry, and feel many feelings while i read a novel (cause i always imagine that i'm the person in that story). Even listen to the music and read novel are my hobbies, sometimes, i can't do that in my spare time 'cause i must do my homework.

Well, i think that's enough. Hope you enjoy this post.
Thank you for reading ;)

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