My Unforgettable Moment

4:25 AM

When i was in elementary school, i had a friend named Vanessa. We came to be a close friend since we were in the 6th grade. For your information, when we were in the 2nd and 3rd grade, we were an enemy. I used to hate her, and also she used to hate me. Maybe you think it's strange, but that's the reality.

She is a kind and very patient girl. She is someone who really cares about her surroundings, very different with me that tend to ignore about my surroundings. She was born on 24th November 2001 (she is younger than me). She was one of  the caretaker of the mading board in 6A class. Every week or every month (i forget), she always made a quiz with prizes. I always read the quiz, but i never answered it.

One day, when i read the quiz, i found one of the questions that made me shocked, the question is "who was born in 10th august from 6A?" . If you ask, why i shocked? Cause the answer is me! After i found it, i immediately asked her why she made that question. And you know what? She just answered "no problem Kei, chill" :')

Many of the students from my class tried to answer the quiz, but almost of them couldn't answer the question about my birthday. They asked everyone's birthday, and everytime they asked me, i just answered that 10th august isn't my birthday. Yeah, i lied.

1 or 2 weeks after that, is my birthday. In the morning, i felt very sad,cause no one of my family member that remember my birthday. I felt sad until i arrived at school. I dropped from my car and walked to the class with a sad feeling. 

When i wanted to enter my class, i had confused cause the door was close. But, because i was in the bad mood, i just didn't care and try to open the door. And when i opened the door, all of my friends sang happy birthday to me!

I shocked but happy ! Vanessa, the one that usually came late to school, tried to came earlier just for give a surprise for me! She asked everyone in the class to help her in surprising me. She gave me a novel and a comic. This made my mood up again. They made my 11th birthday became one of my unforgettable moment ❤

This is the picture of me and Vanessa when we were graduated.

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