My Holiday

5:35 AM

We all know that December is a holiday time for all over the world, so now, i want to tell you about my last holiday from 24th December 2016 until 8th January 2017.

At 24th December 2016, my family and I went to Bekasi to visit my cousin. We went there at 11 AM and arrived at 1 PM. We took a break for a while, after that we prepared to go to the Church to celebrated the Christmas night. After that, we went home and slept until the next day.

At 25th december 2016, my family and I went to the Church again to celebrate Christmas. We went there in the morning, 10 AM, and we went home at 12 PM. At my cousin's house, my cousins and I spent the time with talked to each other. At 6 PM, we prepared to go to the cinema. My parents and my brothers watched Assassin's Creed while my cousins, their parents and I watched Rough One : A Star Wars Story. It was a great film, Gaby and I thought that we didn't make a wrong choice to watch that film. After that, we all went back to my cousin's house.

Assasin's Creed 

Rough One : A Star Wars Story

At 26th December 2016, my family and I decided to went back to Bandung. I was not satisfied because i still want to spent my holiday with my cousins, but we must went home to prepared to move to our new house (after renovation).

From 27th December until 29th December 2017, we moved to our new house. My brother's friend, Steven, helped us to move to our new house. We borrowed his car to transported our big things, such as bed, table, chair, cupboard and many others. We did many things and it was very tiring.

At 30th December 2016, my mother went to Medan to took a look at my grandma, so that I stayed at home with my father and my brothers.

My mother

At 31st December 2016, I went to BEC with my friend to watched Hangout. At the afternoon, I went home to prepared to go to the Church to celebrated the New Years' Eve.


At 1st January 2016, we went to the Church again to celebrate a new Year. I am thankful to God for giving me another year and for blessing me through 2016. 2016 was an amazing year, many things happened to my life. So many happy and also sad memories that i had. 

At 2nd January 2017, my father went to Jakarta, for work. So i stayed at home with my brothers. I felt happy because i could do anything that i want 😂, such as listened to the music with a high volume, read wattpad, watched tv, played gadget, and many more.

At 3rd January 2017, my brother, Kevin, went to Jogja with his friends. So i stayed at home only with my brother, Kesar. He didn't always stay at home. He usually went with his friends  and left me alone at home. For the first, i felt free to do anything, but then i felt so bored. I just did the same things for a several days, such as listened to the music and watched tv.

My brother (who wore shoes) and his friends

Because i felt very bored with that same activity, so i tried to read wattpad. I asked my friend, Monica, to recommend me a sad story (i dont know why, but i love a sad story). So she recommended the story titled "If You Know Why". When i tried to read it, i fell in love with that story. I couldn't stop read, until i missed my dinner. This story is extremely amazing, it could make me feel sad, mad, excited, and anxious in the same time! I even cried at the end of the story. That's the best wattpad story that i've ever read. This story also has a sequel story, titled "If You Know Who".

If You Know Why

If You Know Who

Okay, back to my holiday story.

So, yeah, i want to thank to Monica, for recommended that story to me, so that i have something to do in my holiday.

My father went back to Bandung at 5th January 2017, while my mother at 6th  January 2017, and my brother at 7th January 2017.

If you asked me, am i feel sad to spent my holiday alone at home? Of course yes. When my friends spent holiday with their families, i just stayed at home alone and felt so bored. I hope the next holiday can be better than this.

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