Thanks to ...

7:22 AM

At the end of January 2017, I joined the Sundanese class. Mrs. KunKun, the teacher, gave us a task to make a summary about lesson 5, titled "Pakeman Basa". She said that we can borrow the book from the school library, but i couldn't find it. So i tried to ask one of the 32018's students named Megumi. I ask her whenever she has the Sundanese book and luckily she has it. And i pleased her to took a photos of the lesson 5, and she did it for me! Even though at the end, I made a summary from google, but I am very thankful to her for helped me to do my task.

And for your information, Megumi gave me that Sundanese book. She said that she won't use that book again. Haha. Thank you sist!

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