Merry Riana

6:21 AM

Merry Riana was born in Jakarta, May 2nd 1980. She is a consultant, founder and chief MRO (Merry Riana Organization), motivator and inspirator woman no. 1 Asia, and also an author. See all of the Merry Riana's achievements, it's not surprising that many people say that Merry Riana is a super woman. With the combination of beauty and intelligence, Merry has won many achievements before she was 30 years old. Merry reached one million dollars at the age of 26, covered by various media, not only in Indonesia, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam,made her to be someone who is highly respected and admired in the financial industry.
However, success doesn't come easily to Merry. She was forced to go abroad to Singapore in 1998, to continue her studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and to evacuate from Indonesia that were hit by the financial crisis and the riots at the time.

She arrived in Singapore with a very limited amount of money. To meet the cost of living and tuition, Merry forced to owe to the government of Singapore. But apparently it was not enough, and Merry had to struggle through the college years with poor economic circumstances.

To save the limited money, she lived her life with a very modest standard of living. Merry had to accustom herself to only eat bread, instant noodles, and sometimes even resorted to not eat, due to the financial circumstance that didn't support.

In the mid of her struggle to study at NTU, which is famous with the high standard of education and discipline,  Merry still had to work part-time as a divider flyers on the street, the staff at the florist, and the waiter in the hotel restaurant.

When she graduated, Merry realized that the debts by the government of Singapore has reached 40 thousand dollars, or about 300 million rupiah. Aiming to pay off debts and achieve his dream to achieve financial freedom, Merry took an extreme decision to become an entrepreneur.

Merry doesn't have any capital, connections and any expertise. But with a positive attitude, perseverance, and hard work Merry finally managed to pay off all its debts within 6 months and achieve financial freedom four years after graduation.

Now, Merry Riana is known as a billionaire businesswoman, motivator women no.1 in Indonesia and Asia.

The main reason of why Merry decided to focus on the world of inspiration and motivation is because of her desire to help others achieve their success. The purpose is to arouse successful new generations, which is responsible for their lives, to live according to their dreams, and ultimately, to contribute back to the community. Merry believes that exponential effect in the presence of successful people who share a wealth of knowledge and will be able to positively change the future of our beloved country, Indonesia.

Merry Riana's life story has been published in a book and also in a film titled "Merry Riana : One Million Dollars Dream".

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