Mobile Phone's Effects

5:21 AM

I believe that you all know mobile phone right? And maybe you read this from your mobile phone. Even though you already know what is mobile phone, it is not a problem if i explain a little bit about it right?

Mobile phone is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency carrier while the user is moving within a telephone service area. The first mobile phone was created by Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. After that, from 1983 until 1994 this phone was produced by Motorola and was named Dyna TAC 8000x.

Mobile phone is growing rapidly. We can see many different things from the first mobile phone until the newest mobile phone. The first mobile phone can only be used for calls and mesagges. But now, we can use mobile phone for many things, such as taking photos, playing games, listening musics, and also using internet. The size of mobile phone also change. From big to small then now bigger again. Mobile phone with high technology named smartphone.

Do you realize that our life today are very influenced by technology? And do you realize that mobile phone is very important in our life now? Have you ever though how will be our life without mobile phone? Well, it will be very hard, right? I think that mostly people in this world (teenagers and adults) have a mobile phone. We can see this fact in our daily life. Everyone is bringing their phone while go outside right? I also think that mobile phone is very important in our daily life. Just like me, i need mobile phone for study. I need it to help me doing homework (with the internet access), i need it to gain many information about school and others, i need it to call my father or mother or brothers, and also i need it to chatting with my friends.

Mobile phone has so many positive and negative effects to our daily life. For some people who can use their phone wisely, this technology will affect positively in their life. They can use mobile phone for a positive things, such as calling with friends or families, doing business (with using the internet access), doing homework, and many others. But for those who can not use it properly, the phone will gives negative effects on them.

This technology has made some people (who can not use mobile phone wisely) become addicted. They always use their phone everytime and everywhere. Some people also change to be careless. They receive call and talk loudly in public area, play games while driving or walking, take selfies in dangerous zone, judge people in social media, and many bad things. They just do what they want to do without think about others life (and also their life).

From my explanation, we can see that the invention of mobile phone greatly affect the life of modern society. Not just in one country, but all over the world. Many negative things can happen because of this technology, but as long as we use it wisely, that negative things will not happen. So, try to use mobile phone wisely from now and enjoy the positive effects!

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