The Beauty of Natuna

7:19 AM

Natuna is one of the districts in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. Based on international shipping lines, the district is not only rich in mining products (oil and gas), but also became one of the favorite location for tourism. Natuna has a lot of beautiful places, and i will tell some of them.

Senoa Island

The first place that i want to tell is Senoa Island.  Located near the capital city of Natuna, Ranai. This island looks like a pregnant woman who is lying. That is why this island named Senoa, cause senoa means pregnant. This area is a perfect place for a traveler who is looking for an exotic beach with a magical underwater world.

Alif Stone Park

The second place is Alif Stone Park. Alif Stone Park is a rock garden, located in the shore lines. In this park there are thousands of stone derived from prehistoric times that arranged beautifully along the seashore. 

Batu Sindu

Batu Sindu is a name of coastal area that filled with various shapes and sizes of granite rocks. This place is a perfect place for a photographer who is looking for a beautiful scenery. This place also perfect for relaxing (you can sit in one of a big rock, and enjoy looking at the sea).

Tanjung Beach

Tanjung Beach is one of the most visited beach in Natuna. From this place, we can see Mount Ranai. We can also play a lot of game there, and we will feel like we are in our private beach. There are a lot of trees around this beach that make this place more perfect!

Setanau Island

The last place that i want to tell is Setanau Island. For you who has stressed about work in the city, this place is very recommended to you. There is a beach's sand that stretches straightly in the middle of the sea. The scenery from this place is very amazing.

Those are some places from Natuna. All of the places above are related to sea. So, it's very recommended for you who need to refreshing from your daily aactivity. I hope that i can travel to Natuna and i also hope that you all enjoy reading this post! :)

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